Since today is World Environment Day, we donated plastic bottle recycling bins to two barangays: Nazareth & Brgy. 29, and what's more, we'd like to share with you how plastic recycling can help the environment!

1. Energy conservation- Recycling actually consumes less energy than producing new, virgin polymers.

2. Reducing demand for raw materials- Plastic recycling reduces the need to extract new, raw materials from the earth as it reuses the stuff that’s already processed and protects natural resources. This can help reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. It also prevents adding more rubbish to landfills.

3. Reduced fossil fuel consumption- Plastic production uses a lot of oil. Although recycling also uses fossil fuels, it’s significantly less than the amount used when creating new plastics.

4. CO2 emission reduction- Reduced oil consumption also means reduced emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases that are produced while new plastics are being made. Additionally, recycling reduces pollution that is caused by burning waste.

5. Reduced landfill use- If more plastics are being recycled, it means less are ending up in landfills. Another benefit is that fewer plastics in landfills means less emission of common landfill gases, like carbon dioxide and methane. Both of these gases cause environmental damage.

6. Promotes a sustainable lifestyle- By recycling plastic, we’re aware of the dangers that the overconsumption of plastic can have. Just having this information is important, so we know the impact that our habits can have on the planet and can make the right changes in our daily lives.



COWD assists our government hospitals through donation of items that support patient care especially in the hospital's COVID-19 Wards.

  • Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) - portable suction machine
  • J.R. Borja General Hospital (JRBGH) - industrial ceiling fans


As the world celebrates WORLD WATER DAY every 22nd day of March each year, this year’s theme ACCELERATING CHANGE to solve the water and sanitation crisis is very aptly coined as water affects us all, hence, everyone needs to take action. COWD being a water service provider took action by donating 450-litre plastic water tanks to three (3) barangays that may be used for water storage to supplement supply requirements particularly in times of water service interruptions.


            In consonance with COWD’s  effort of providing quality water service to its community by forging a collaborative partnership with the barangays, representatives from COWD’s Public Relations/Information Division of the Management Services Department  and the Engineering Department took note of the water supply concerns of the barangays directly from their Punong Barangays themselves, namely, PB Maximo C. Allorin of Barangay Iponan, PB Norbel S. Saa of Barangay Macabalan, and PB Marlon L. Tabac of Barangay Gusa.  Resolution of said concerns shall be given due action by COWD.